How to Do English Essays 3 Times Faster than Yesterday?

English essay writing is perhaps the least favorable academic activity among all. Journalism or IT, Fine Arts or Natural Science – despite whom you’re looking to become in the future, doing essays in English is an activity accompanying you year after year spent in school and college.

Today English essay is an example of how old-fashioned Western educational system still is. Even despite the fact students do plenty of writing in the framework of their blogging and texting routine, writing for classes is still tasked in copious amounts.

Coming home after classes, instead of studying your majors you’ll most likely be doing another essay in a subject which (and chances are high!) is not even related to your degree and future occupation. How to create a paper in a way which doesn’t require too much time and energy spent? The question for these and some other crucial notions are given further down the text.

Picking English essay topics in a proper fashion

When doing homework many students err on the side of getting too much carried away on the wings of how engaging and breath-taking their essay topic is. In general, this is a bright move – dwelling on a serious topic highlight things which have never been discussed before is a great thing. But things don’t work like that in the real world.

In the real world, where deadlines are burning, where a workload is pressing hard, where students speaking English as their second language struggle to understand why a lecturer gives her a B for a work that deserves straight A, being idealist doesn’t pay off at all. Only the smartest win, the rest are to settle for what comes in between.

Thus, always opt for a topic which you know has the largest database of reference sources confirmed. The less time you spend trying to look up proper sources, the faster the job will be done.

  • Topic with the largest number of background materials found on wins
  • Stuck in a writer’s block? Download an English essay example and copycat content, but watch out for plagiarism!
  • Study as many reference sources as required in a task: no one will care for extra sources while fewer sources than needed will automatically lower the final grade
  • Try to find at least something about a topic which will be interesting personally for you, show some engagement in a subject and writing process will go a bit faster
  • Study different topic options and chose the one which fits into parameters listed above

Which English essay format to choose?

When asking yourself how to write an English essay up to the mark, be prepare to embed citations and quotes as your primary source of evidence pieces aimed to back your thesis statement, arguments, and claims up.

However, ‘plagiarism police’ is up and doing! If you don’t format your cities in a way required by APA or MLA reference styles, you’ll be accused of plagiarism which leads to pretty severe consequences including expelling. That’s why right now is the time to give APA (used for essays in Social Sciences) and MLA (for essays in Liberal Arts and Humanities) a very, very detailed look. Plus, if you’re a student in the States, pay attention to Chicago Manual of Style which might come very handy during senior years.

Order an essay in English from a professional

As promised in the beginning, written tasks have one loophole you can exploit when there’s no other way out. Submitting nothing or turning in a new plagiarism-free paper? Evidently, the second option is way more advisable even despite the fact such a paper is done by a specialized academic ghostwriter.

Fill in the order form, tell what kind of paper you need, provide requirements and wait till a topic-relevant writer completes your assignment. Ten minutes is the top time you need to spend placing an order, which is in great contrast to endless hours of tedious writing you normally endure after classes when a composition or book review is due. Is such paper original? Absolutely, prepared from scratch in accordance with your task specifications, a new paper is 100% plagiarism-free and original. Submit with flying colors!