Choosing Good College Essay Topics

The hardest part about essay writing is to find a topic that would suggest lots of ideas to expand on. Obviously, it is much easier for a student when there is a topic assigned by a tutor. However, it doesn’t offer that freedom of thought as the topic you choose on your own.

This is also a good chance to show your knowledge in the sphere you are really interested and display your writing skills. There is a huge choice of creative college essay topics. Even though, students rack their brain over the best variant that would match the subject area and reveal a new or deeper insight of the problem.

So, if you are currently struggling to choose one among the sea of college essay topic ideas, there are some tips to help you.

Some ideas to choose topics for college essays

A good paper topic makes the difference. It can earn you some extra scores during the application process or even help you get your long-desired degree. That is why, it is important to have a plan when selecting the right theme for your paper.

Consider the following ideas:

  • Select something you feel passionate about. A topic that doesn’t spark your interest will hardly help you achieve your objectives. You simply write to cover the word count required by the tutor. But if you focus on what catches your attention and fuels your enthusiasm you will come up with an engaging essay.
  • Find a different angle to approach a common If you can’t find something brand-new, try approaching common problem from a different perspective. Examine some particular element of the issue or suggest your personal view. This way your essay will offer some value to the readers.
  • Settle on something you know well. Writing about the topic you feel comfortable about is half the battle. It will save you lots of time and effort. Plus you will stay confident about the information validity.

These are main tried and tested ways to find interesting college essay topics that often make winning papers.

Sources for college essay topics

Even if you’ve decided what to write about you may face some challenges when looking for adequate and reliable information sources. All universities are very strict about information validity used in papers. If you don’t want to risk getting a low grade for a plagiarized paper, consider some safe information sources listed below:

  • Printed sources. Books, dictionaries and encyclopedias, magazines are great sources to find relevant and reliable data on any topic. It might seem a bit out of date since most students prefer using digital information sources. Books, however, are still primary and irreplaceable database.
  • It can be saving if you know where to search for information. There are lots of scam sources on the web that offer you plagiarized data. Most professors set special requirements concerning the topic investigation on the Internet. Not to fall victim to fraudsters, pay attention to the domain names. The most reliable are gov., edu., and official websites.
  • Classroom discussions and lecture notes. Although these sources may not provide you with a significant amount of information, they are worth using to make your paper sound professional. So, make sure you take notes during classes and lectures.

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