Cause and Effect Essay Guidelines for Effective Writing

Everything in our life is built around cause and effect. Essay writing in schools and colleges will normally require you to prepare plenty of essays including narrative, analytical, as well as cause and effect essays. Don’t worry if you have little free time or average writing skills for after reading this article it will be possible to break through writer’s block without a hitch and cope with a paper in just an evening or two.

Before you read further, you might want to check out a couple of examples of cause and effect essays either at our site or at any other to bring yourself up to speed in terms of preparing compositions of this type. Got a cause and effect essay sample in front of your eyes? Then let’s dig in cause and effect papers at once!

How to write a cause and effect essay up to the mark?

As a rule, these essays serve as a popular method of discussing ideas in a group or in a form of individual academic writing. Essays are mostly concerned with why certain things happened and to which consequences they exactly led.

Learning how to write a good essay will mainly help you better understand past events, as well as certain actions which resulted in events which bear great significance, importance, etc. For example, in History cause and effect essays are done to make students better understand why certain events took place decades or hundreds of years ago and then how exactly they impacted your life today.

In business, a this type of paper might be assigned in a form of a case study to understand how certain business decisions affect corporate policy, income and so on. As it is, a cause and effect essay is a bright example of how a student can understand certain things in a most effective and consistent way.

But to develop a solid essay, you need to look up an engaging and relevant topic audience will be interested in. Not only a cause has to be captivating, effects also need to be vivid and appealing. Keeping this in mind, try picking up a topic where a cause has several different effects in at least 2-4 vital areas of our lives. In this case, readers will be nothing but amazed!

Cause and effect essay outline basic hints

Just as any other type of short composition, cause and effect essay consists of 3 key parts: Introduction, Body, Conclusion. When it comes to an outline, it’s pretty generic. First and foremost, your instruction has to feature a Hook, an introductory sentence or two designed to draw attention and grab the reader’s interest. And secondly, an Introduction has to have a strong thesis statement featuring the main cause around which a paper will circulate.

As far as Main body goes, all in all, you have 3-5 paragraphs to highlight the cause in the first body paragraph and dwell upon effects in the remaining ones. Note that providing pieces of evidence to prove your claims is much advised (don’t forget about proper APA or MLA quoting!).

Finally, your Conclusion is to sum up the cause and effect consequences, as well as suggest some extra food for thought, recommend literature for further topic studying, if readers are interested, embed a twist or offer a short quiz.

Cause and effect essay examples

Cause and effect essay topics list a great many of interesting themes you might want to develop. In case you’re looking for a savvy cause and effect essay example, check out this list of titles to let your creative juices flow abundantly!

  • Global warming. Causes and effects of Pole peaks melting
  • Smoking and quality, longevity of life
  • Music and sports: How favorite tunes influence athlete’s productivity
  • Bicycles and air pollution. Does it pay off at all?
  • Junk food and obesity in the United States
  • Cell phones and essay writing – Friends no more?
  • Violent computer games: White-handed or guilty on all counts?
  • Causes and effects of working part-time in college
  • Bullying as a reflection of the broken home
  • Distorted beauty standards as the main cause of anorexia and bulimia