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There’s no need to spend a fortune in return for a better price for my home. There are plenty of effective small jobs that can make a dramatic impact on my asking price, and increase the chances of getting that sale I’ve been waiting for. Before I spend thousands on home improvements, I made these low cost quick projects that will help to drive the sale of my home and give me a great return.

Tidy Up and Remove the Clutter

Believe it or not a messy home can really put people off. If the house is a mess and full with clutter it gives off a bad impression. Potential buyers think there are likely to be problems with the property if I haven’t even managed to keep it clean. Get a fresh pair of eyes such as a friend who will be honest with me to let me know what objects need to go. Pack up my clutter and store it in a self-storage bin and I asked a family member to keep the boxes for me temporarily.

Paint the Walls

Go around each of the main rooms in the home giving the walls a fresh lick of paint. The main rooms are the living room, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom. Paint is cheap and it can brighten up the room, making it cleaner and more appealing. I avoided buying bright or bold colours; pick something in a neutral tone such as mushroom or off-white.

Sort Out the Garden

What I wanna do to my garden is I’ll increased curb appeal by spending the weekend improving the exterior of the home with the very useful tools I can buy or rent right away. Mow the lawn, cut back shrubs and wipe down any outdoor furniture I have. If the furniture or ornaments are looking tired or damaged, I removed them.  It’s also worth cleaning my door and adding hardware or house numbers along with potted plants or hanging baskets.

Clean the Floors

All the carpets in my home will benefit from a deep clean. Not only will the clean help the room to look cleaner it will also help eliminate any unwanted smells. I should also buff and polish the hard wood floors and remove any vinyl flooring that’s cracked or damaged.

Make Over the Kitchen

I don’t have to install an entirely new kitchen but it will help if I freshen the space up. The kitchen is one of the major selling points in the home so I need to pull out all the stops to ensure it adds to the value rather than detracts. Everybody can actually do this by painting the walls, cleaning the floor and replacing the cabinet doors. If the work surfaces are tired or stained you may want to consider replacing them with something new.  If the doors are in good condition, consider replacing the handles to a modern style, but always ensure the design fits in with the style of kitchen.

Do Some Repairs

This may include some inspection of my home for any termite infestation, water leaking, or roofing heat loss. I can DIY some minor repairs, but if I’ve discovered something serious, I always call a professional. It is very easy to look up for any nearby local services for a specific repair. So, for example, since I live in Hague at the moment, I can simply google “Dakdekker Den Haag” if I have issues in my roofing.

Dress My Home

Finally set the stage for all the potential buyers by dressing my home. Replace any tired curtains with new ones, bring down the moldy shower curtain and put up a clean one and add simple touches such as a few cushions, a great rug and a mirror strategically placed on the wall. I want to show the potential buyers what it feels like to live here and what a fabulous space they could own if they decide to buy.


So that’s it! Hopefully I can get some eyeballs and visits for the next few months. I will be leaving back to US right after and will tackle on another set of adventure for the rest of year 2018.

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