A Public Thank You to Malwarebytes

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My desktop machine somehow got infected with a rootkit, a very malicious piece of malware. I had to call in Geek Housecalls to remove it.

Despite being free of the rootkit, I was still finding various trojans every single day (stuff like keystroke loggers).

My geeky son had turned me on to Malwarebytes, an anti-malware tool, before all of this started, and once I realized I needed some advanced help, I emailed the company.

Within a few hours, a tech support person had opened a support ticket for me. I was impressed.

That was on Monday, May 11. Since then, Tom, my techie, has been working with me to run scans using various tools to ensure my system is clean. We are down to the last scan and so far — keeping my fingers crossed! — everything looks very good.

Malwarebytes offers a free and for-fee version of their software. (For the record, I purchased the software.)

According to Geek Housecalls, Malwarebytes is on the cutting edge of combating rootkits and trojans (not even CA, the anti-virus program I use, was finding the stuff Malwarebytes found).

They also have a great forum where you can find all kinds of information and support.

So, this is a huge thank you to Tom at Malwarebytes and to the company itself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Once your machine is infected, it’s as if you’ve been violated. Malwarebytes lowered my anxiety level considerably . . . making it so I felt confident to use my machine again.

In this day and age of companies that take days to respond to emails (if they do at all) or shunting you to voice mail hell, it’s refreshing to get help from a responsive person who is nice, to boot.

Do you have an experience with an infected machine? Do you have a positive customer service story you’d like to share? Please do so!

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