Why People Suffer Hair Loss Dilemma Now More?

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I met one of my old friends back in highschool. Haven’t seen for a LONG time. We agreed to meet on the coffee shop. I was pretty ecstatic to so him, but when I he finally arrived, I felt the other way.

Such is the reason why I am blogging about it now.

Hair Loss, baldness or Alopecia is basically a disorder in which hairs fall and do not grow where they are ought to grow. Hair fall or hair loss is the general dilemma faced by many humans and animals like chimpanzee. The hair loss concern is gaining awareness in the swift enchanting stylish society. Everyone has a desire of being captivating with nice attire and magnificently stylized hairs. Skull Hairs are those parts which cannot be concealed or overlooked.

The hair loss problem is discovered in men as well as women. Although hair loss patterns in men and women is not same but it’s alarming in both cases. In men, constant hair fall can lead to even baldness. Whereas in women, baldness harmonies are not fond, hairs may get thinner with time.

The normal hair growth cycles lasts for 2 to 6 years. The 90% of hairs on our scalp are growing at the same time, and remaining 10% are at resting state. After 2 months the resting hairs falls down and new hairs take their place. If the normal hair growing process is disturbed, then it can lead to serious hair fall ailment. This disorder may arise due to many factors, some are apparent and others are still undiscovered.

Genetic aspect is the main cause of hair fall or loss in men. Men usually start losing head hairs during Adolescence. The thin hair patch becomes visible at front side of head, which with the passage of time disappears leaving bald scalp. In some cases, baldness appears in the middle of scalp. In women hair fall becomes rapid, leaving thin and lifeless hairs. The hairs fall because they lose their strength due to insufficient nutrition supply to them through blood. Some of the major causes of hair loss or hair fall can be the disorientation in hormones, psychological stress, dust, malnutrition, over oiling, thyroid disorders, drugs, radiations/ chemotherapy and surgeries.

Human beings typically lose 50-100 strands per day. If more hair follicles are observed then proper consideration should be given. If hair loss is due temporary reasons it can be handled by varying the diet plans and less exposure of hairs with heat or by washing hairs in alternate days. Some pills and drugs can be helpful in this case. Moreover, oiling can increase the strength of hairs but only if it is use properly, otherwise this can cause immense hair fall. The proper oiling should be done once a week, and after 4-5 hours hairs should be properly washed with quality shampoo. If the oil remains in hair roots, it can become wax and hairs easily fall, moreover new hair will not grow here again. In case if the hair loss is permanent due to surgery or due to hereditary factors, then advanced remedies like laser treatments, wigs and new hair styles can be effective to regain the marvelous personality gaze. Hairs should be treated with quality products like shampoos, oils and dyes.

The precautionary measures should be taken well in time and best dermatologists should be approached. While hair loss treatment, one must not assume that this ailment will disappear overnight. The treatment time may vary from week to 6 months.

I actually research about this while he’s still here for holidays. I do remember about another colleague of mine who is having the same problem, and decided to call her up for the solution that she stumbled on. She then texted me about thisĀ hair growth research by hairlossable.com/ and tell my friend to see which of the recommendations is applicable to him.

Shared… and praying earnestly he’ll recover.

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