Just received a telemarketing call where the caller (a marketer) made the following mistakes: 1. The caller ID name didn’t match the caller’s name (nor even the gender!). 2. Caller assumed I knew who he was by announcing his name only — no company name. 3. Caller was surprised when I said I didn’t know who he was. My friend Mac McIntosh has given me two great pieces of advice over the years: “Never believe your own press” and “Never assume everyone knows who you…Continue Reading “Don’t Make These (Clueless) Telemarketing Mistakes”

My desktop machine somehow got infected with a rootkit, a very malicious piece of malware. I had to call in Geek Housecalls to remove it. Despite being free of the rootkit, I was still finding various trojans every single day (stuff like keystroke loggers). My geeky son had turned me on to Malwarebytes, an anti-malware tool, before all of this started, and once I realized I needed some advanced help, I emailed the company. Within a few hours, a tech support person had opened a…Continue Reading “A Public Thank You to Malwarebytes”

The writing community, as a whole, is very supportive to writers who are new or struggling. I’ve received support and I’ve paid it forward,too. But, I’d bet that a lot of writers will agree with me in what I’m about to say. Many writing communities are littered with complaints about editors, about rejections, and so forth. But it seems like a lot of the writers out there are afraid to say the obvious.. Not everyone is cut out to write for a living. Only you…Continue Reading “You Might Not be Cut Out for a Writing Career”

“I use the word engagement as the new metric, as opposed to viewing.” Albie Hecht, CEO of Worldwide Biggies Company, a digital entertainment studio that creates content for young adults (think Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon), is quoted as saying the above in the new book, Googled: The End of the World as We Know It, by Ken Auletta. For months now I’ve been struggling with social media. No, not how to use it or how to derive value from it but how to measure…Continue Reading “Social Media: It’s About Engagement, Not Page Views”

We have decided to separate our company’s team site and make this one my own personal site. Thankfully, the domain was available still (after we have let it expire) and I grab it. So, this will be my personal blog from this day on. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.