Don’t Make These (Clueless) Telemarketing Mistakes

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Just received a telemarketing call where the caller (a marketer) made the following mistakes:

1. The caller ID name didn’t match the caller’s name (nor even the gender!).

2. Caller assumed I knew who he was by announcing his name only — no company name.

3. Caller was surprised when I said I didn’t know who he was.

My friend Mac McIntosh has given me two great pieces of advice over the years: “Never believe your own press” and “Never assume everyone knows who you are.” I keep these top of mind constantly — and you should, too.

4. Caller had NO CLUE that I was a one-person company even though he had my first name, last name, and telephone number.

A two-minute Google search would have told him who I was, who I work with, and what I do for a living — all questions he asked me. I have a website, a blog, and Twitter and LinkedIn profiles where all of this info exists.

5. Caller used the word “gal.”

Listen people, I am a successful business woman. If you want to do business with me, do NOT call me “girl” or “gal.” (I can’t think of anything that irks me more than this.)

All in all, a typical telemarketing call made by a clueless marketer. “Fail!” as my son would say.

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